Don’t Make it Worse! Strategies for Investigating Near-Misses and Accidents Without Creating Huge Liability

Wed. February 13| 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM | 133

A good safety program aims not only to prevent injuries, but also to learn from them. You surely investigate near-misses and accidents not only to comply with regulations but especially to try to prevent future incidents. But, in doing what seems right for safety, are you creating long-term liability? Might your investigation unnecessarily create more problems than it prevents? Are there smarter approaches to investigations that enhance safety while also minimizing other liability? This session will explore the different major aspects of near-miss and accident investigations, how these important safety efforts can nonetheless create liability risks, and strategies to consider for managing those risks.

Type: AGG1 Academy

Track: Environment, Safety & Health – AGG1


Meyerstein, Avi

Meyerstein, Avi


Husch Blackwell